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A new dye providing flawless color quality and ensuring excellent comfort and hair treatment.

  • 100% coverage of grey hair
  • Longer-lasting color
  • Pure, luminous hair color
  • Greater hair protection
  • Close correspondence with the color chart
  • Made in Italy


Resistant cream hair color. Effectively and reliably paints over 100% gray hair. The natural hypoallergenic protective complex contained in cream paint (natural beeswax and vitamin C) ensures gentle treatment of hair during dyeing, cares and maintains the water balance of the hair and scalp.

A variety of mixing proportions give a guaranteed result of dyeing and a variety of color solutions. Impeccable durability of color, brilliance, naturalness and saturation. A special series of super-brightening dyes allows you to brighten natural hair for 4 – 5 tones.

The COLORIANNE CLASSIC palette contains 72 rich brilliant hues, including 3 mix-tones.

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