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Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper D-07#16

Kem Nghia's D.07 leather cutting pliers is considered one of the top choices of customers. This is one of Kem Nghia's best-selling products today.

Products are made of high quality materials, safe for users. The nose and blade are properly designed to easily penetrate the skin and clean the inside of the nail. Anti-nippers and grooves help to automatically release the pliers handle when cutting without the need of fingers to make it easy for users to cut their own skin at home.

Usage Notes:
The product is only for cutting the skin of hands and feet, not for cutting hard objects.

How to store the product:
- After use, wipe the dirt with an alcohol-based antiseptic solution.
- Dip ¼ blade of pliers in anti-rust oil.
- Add machine oil to the pliers for lubrication.
- Attach the pliers cap to the pliers blade, place in the package and store in a dry place.
- Avoid hitting the blade or letting it fall to the ground.
- Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

How to distinguish REAL products from FAKE:
All pliers products of Kem Nghia are stamped with the word Nghia deep inside the nippers neck.

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