CND Perfect Color Sculpting Powder - Natural . Sheer

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Size: 3.7oz
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Featuring creamy, light workability, these sculpting powders activate the cross-linking and polymerization of Retention+, Radical SolarNail, and Moxie Sculpting Liquids. They also create color-stable, strong, durable enhancements with superior clarity and brightness and a scratch-resistant high-shine finish. 3.7 oz.


Polyethylmethacrylate, Acrylates Copolymer, Benzoyl Peroxide. May contain: Colorants, Silica Silylate,Boron Nitride, Titanium Dioxide.

Purpose and Benefits

For use with Retention+, Radical SolarNail, or Moxie Sculpting Liquids.

• Moldable formula: holds shape to build enhancements with one bead.

• To create natural nail overlays and to sculpt on tips and form.

• To create custom blends.

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